Project: 2023-1-BG01-KA220-YOU-000151355 LSSH (Let's STOP Hate speech)

Acronym LSSH .
Field Youth
Project start 01/09/2023

Project end 31/08/2025

Project partners:
Association for Behavioral Sciences, Bulgaria
Kocatürk Danismanlik Özel Egitim Hizmetleri Turizm ve Proje Hizmetleri Ticaret Sanayi
Limited Sirketi, Turkey

Main objectives:
1. Effective project planning, execution, and follow-up, including seamless and effective
collaboration between project
2. Reinforcing links between policy, research, and practice by providing better evidence
on youth needs and facilitating
policy making
3. Promoting equality, non-discrimination, and inclusion of marginalized young people
4. Sharing, explaining, and popularizing the results of the project in the form of tangible
results, conclusions, and good practices.

We are going to implement the activities:
WP 1 Project Management;
WP 2 Survey of needs and development of Strategy
A1 Research on the factors for the formation of hate speech based on nationality and
A2 Strategy for limiting hate speech.
WP 3 Capacity building of youth and youth workers:
A1 Youth worker's Guide;
A2 International training for youth workers;
A3 National trainings for youth.
WP 4 Publicity:
A1 Multiplier events;
A2 Publicity in the virtual space.
The expected main project results and outcomes are the following:
- Provided support for overcoming and limiting hate speech among young people;
- Increased work capacity, competencies, knowledge, and skills of youth workers;
- An improved practical toolkit for working with youth (innovative methods, practices,
instruments, tools, etc.);
- Promoted values such as equality, non-discrimination, and inclusion of marginalized
young people;
- An improved link between research, policy, and practice.

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