Green and smart cities
So that we live in a safe and healthy environment.
New technologies and solutions support in cities enlarging green areas, improving air quality, modernizing urban transport and mobility, as well as broadly understood well-being of their citizens. A large part of the global and EU activities is aimed towards energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and eco innovations. The aim of the Urban Forum is to help our cities and communities find proven solutions based on examples and experiences from other countries and regions.
Social innovation
To improve the functionality of our communities.
We support new solutions to common social problems, both technological and organizational. New solutions solve important problems of our communities, contribute to the quality of our living. At Urban Forum we support with knowledge and experience at every stage of innovation development, beginning from the concept stage, towards its prototype, to the first implementation and scaling up.
Active citizenship
Our tomorrow depends on every one of us.
Our organization supports awareness raising, social initiatives and builsing skills on planning, executing and making new initiatives sustainable. We empower citizens through volunteering and civic participation. Join us to make a positive change in our community and improve lives. Attend workshops, complete surveys and polls, and support local initiatives.
Meet Our Team
  • Karolina Marzec-Balinow
  • Christo Balinow
    Business Development
  • Agnieszka Grochala
  • Marta Cesnyka
    Marketing and Communications
  • Michał Kraszewski
    Start-ups & technologies
Our Projects
Skills and knowledge for trainers
International matchmaking for SMEs
Risky viral trends in the youth
Prevention of Hate Speech in our communities
Contacts and Location
Feel free to write, call, and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
+48511061050 contact@urbanforum.pl
Main Square 28,
Cracow, Poland
We are located in the city center of Cracow, right at the main square